Deepthi’s “Valoa” single out on Spring Equinox!

The first single and music video from the album, also called “Valoa”, is launched on Spring Equinox 20th of March 2018

The upcoming ”Valoa” album has its roots in the Finnish folklore culture. It is not only about the ancient wisdom and shamanic culture of the North, but also it is about the element and presence of Light. It was said in the ancient traditions that Light comes from the North. This was believed to be true, because the polarity of the seasons and the dark winters outside created a nation willing to survive and strive with a strong inner Light. The ”Valoa” album is an ode to that Light which made the people of the North strong and resilient. The album reminds us of the ancient ancestors, the wisdom of nature and that Divine Light which we all hold inside of us and which enables us to remember who we are in this current unstable world.

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By Bliss Mission